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The Ultimate Guidance for IGNOU MLIS PROJECT

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Get the ultimate guidance on the submission of the IGNOU MLIS Project Report Dissertation and IGNOU MLIS Synopsis for the subject MLIP-2.

IGNOU’S Master’s Degree in Library and Information Science (MLIS) Program includes six core courses and two electives. In addition to the core theoretical courses, the student must submit the IGNOU MLIS Project work, which is worth 4 credits. The goal of the IGNOU MLIS Project or IGNOU MLIS Dissertation is to provide students the opportunity to use their knowledge gained while writing the IGNOU MLIS Project and to build abilities in areas covered by different courses in this programme.

IGNOU MLIS Synopsis should be prepared in cooperation with the supervisor or guide. The IGNOU MLIS Synopsis must include all of the project’s goals, literature review, methods, and other details. It must include the details of this reasoning, sample, instruments for usage, limits, if any, and future research avenues. The student must prepare the mils project proposal on A4 dimensions paper written in dual space, accompanied with a permission letter from the Supervisor/Guide and the proforma for approval. A student may choose a manager of their own choosing. Title of the project must include the following:

1. Introduction to the study

2. Rationale for the study

3. Statement of the problem

4. Objectives and scope of the study

5. Research methodology.

6. Expected contribution from the study

7. Limitations of the study

8. Chapterisation

9. References

10. Questionnaire

How to organise IGNOU MLIS project?

The IGNOU MLIS Project should be broken down into the following sections:

  • The IGNOU MLIS project should have a word count of about 20,000 words (including the title page, acknowledgements, and bibliographic references). Data collection tools like as questionnaires, surveys, interview plans, and other forms of data collection are acceptable as long as they don’t take up too much space in the main text.
  • A4-sized paper should be used for dissertations, which should be written or prepared in Microsoft Word.
  • There should be a page on the dissertation’s cover that includes the title, student name and enrollment number, academic supervisor name, degree programme, university name, and month and year of submission. These should all be included on this page.
  • On the cover page of the dissertation, the title of the dissertation, the student’s name and enrollment number, the name of the academic supervisor, the degree programme for which the dissertation was written, the name of the university, and the month and year of submission should be written.
  • A letter from the candidate’s Academic Supervisor saying that the dissertation is original and that it should be given to the examiner.
  • The Table of Contents section should contain a list of all chapters in the dissertation, together with their associated sections and page numbers, as well as page numbers for bibliographic references and any figures, tables, or maps.
  • The material is organised into chapters (which are usually three or four pages long and contain an Introduction and Conclusion), bibliographic references, and, if required, appendices. Each chapter, bibliography, and appendix should start on a new page; however, portions included under important headers may continue on the same page. The major text of the IGNOU MLIS dissertation should be numbered progressively. A list of all books listed in the chapters, as well as any other relevant sources utilised during the dissertation’s creation, should be included in the bibliography.
  • In general, the dissertation’s main body should be 1.5 lines wide and written on one side of the page with one-inch margins, except for bibliographic references.
  • The bottom-center of each page should be numbered sequentially.
  • Between thin plastic sheets, spiral-bind the completed dissertation and the approved dissertation proposal.

How to Submit an IGNOU MLIS Project?

The learner must submit the IGNOU MLIS synopsis, which must be written in accordance with the IGNOU MLIS project guidelines, along with the supervisor’s resume and his signature in the performa to the Programme Coordinator (MLIS), Faculty of Library and Information Science, School of Social Sciences, Academic Complex, Block-F, IGNOU, Maidan Garhi, New Delhi – 110068. If the MLIS Proposal Synopsis is incomplete, it will be rejected right away. The student will get a written communication letter indicating acceptance or rejection of the summary. In the event that the synopsis is not approved, the comments and ideas for reformulating the MLIS Proposal Synopsis will be sent to the learner. In this particular instance, the amended summary was sent together with a brand new Project Proposal form performa and a duplicate of their most recent Proposal form including the comments of this Programme Coordinator.

While submitting the final project report online, students should verify that the proposal Pro-forma is accepted in its entirety. Both the pupils and the Project Guide sign the “Synopsis,” as well as the Project Guide’s résumé and originality certificate, with the date (where applicable).

Before submitting the project online, the student must acquire permission in the guide’s suggested proforma. The project proposal may be sent to the corresponding Schools/Regional Center > Regional Network > Regional Centers for approval of the summary (e-mail IDs of all RCs are available at OR send an email to the relevant school > About IGNOU > School of Studies (E-mail IDs of all faculties are accessible at

The Regional Center’s various faculties will perform the project report orally in accordance with specified rules. Students should contact the appropriate Regional Center (from the e-mail ID mentioned on the website).

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You can also download the sample project for MLIP 2 by clicking on the link below.

Sample Project Download

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