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List of IGNOU MSCCFT Project Topics (MCFTP 2)


IGNOU MSCCFT Project Topics – If you’re undertaking an IGNOU MCFTP 2 Project as part of your MSCCFT studies, you’ll need the IGNOU MSCCFT Project Topics list. The subject is quite popular, attracting a huge number of postgraduate students interested in doing scientific research. This is why it’s critical to create a truly distinctive and intriguing topic concept. In this post, our experienced writers have collected an updated list of IGNOU MSCCFT Project Topics for you to write about. That is not everything! Additionally, you will receive sample PDFs of the IGNOU MCFTP 2 Project Report and the IGNOU MCFTP 2 Project Proposal/Synopsis to familiarise yourself with rural development research and the issues it addresses.

To assist you in selecting the IGNOU MSCCFT Project Topics for your empirical study, we have included some broad categories below. This is not to say that you cannot select another topic related to counselling or family therapy that interests you. The categories or themes mentioned below are intended to provide you with an overview of the various titles that will assist you in picking a pertinent subject. Before proceeding with data gathering, you must discuss your topic with your Supervisor and obtain appropriate clearance. Your Supervisor will assist you in preparing the dissertation proposal and in identifying the most effective instruments for data gathering. Please ensure that you have prior permission from your Supervisor for your plan. Before binding the dissertation, an original copy of the accepted proposal must be attached.

Necessity of IGNOU MSCCFT Project Topics

Are you looking for a fascinating IGNOU MSCCFT Project Topics to write about for your MCFTP 2 Project Report? While coming up with original IGNOU MSCCFT project topics might be challenging, there are a few good strategies for coming up with novel ideas. To begin, evaluate your own interests and past educational experiences. When performing research for Counselling and Family Therapy experiments and term papers, start with online sources, news stories, books, journal articles, and even your own class textbook. Before you begin, review the IGNOU MSCCFT Project Topics list.

Broad Themes for IGNOU MSCCFT Project Topics

Phases of the life cycle: Studies that concentrate on various life stages such as young adults, preschool children, adolescents, and old age. For instance, the following themes may be covered: – Adolescent self-identification and growth.

– Young folks’ attitudes regarding marriage and divorce.

– The effect of maternal stress on infants and young children.

– Perception/social cognitive aspects in preschool children.

Stages of the family life cycle: Consider the following topics:

– Adjustments to the family life cycle for parents experiencing empty nest syndrome.

– Parental roles and duties with preschool children.

– Adolescent issues and how teenagers and their immediate family members deal with them.

– Examination of the lifestyle of a matriarchal household.

Mental health concerns: Describe the role and implications of mental health issues in a variety of situations, including psychological, psychosocial, family, and work-related. For example: – Psychological adjustment among persons who have been cured of schizophrenia.

– Mental health problems among employees of multinational corporations (multinational companies).

– Stress among postpartum mothers.

– Social phobia among HIV/AIDS-infected youngsters.

The effect of Family Therapy/Counseling/Associated Theories and Therapies on life style management at various life cycle stages, with an emphasis on coping with specific psychological difficulties and issues; for example:

– Yoga treatment to alleviate anxiety associated with examinations.

– Efficacy of cognitive behaviour family therapy in bipolar affective disorder patients.

– Emotionally oriented marital family therapy to alleviate depression in patients with marital conflict.

– Play therapy with sexually abused children in their early years.

List of IGNOU MSCCFT Project Topics

  • A study of the psychological well-being of urban slum kids.
  • Work happiness and ego identification in the employed population.
  • Male impotence’s effect on a woman’s psychology, familial, societal, and self-esteem.
  • Family relationships in late adolescent patients with behaviour problems.
  • The dimensions and consequences of female sexual abuse at the hands of family members.
  • Social connections of HIV/AIDS patients.
  • Parent-child interaction and parent-child cohesion in families with children who exhibit behavioural problems.
  • Transactional analysis’s effect on goal orientation and social acceptability.
  • Substance addiction relapse (you may choose any specific type of abuse or mental health condition).
  • Life satisfaction and the elderly’s idea of death.
  • The functioning of the family, parental attitudes, and parenting methods.
  • College students’ suicidal tendencies.
  • Life satisfaction and the link between’satva’, ‘rajas’, and ‘tamas’ variables in persons who have overcome their alcoholism.
  • Adaptation, life quality, and adjustment in chronic renal failure patients.
  • Substance addicts’ spirituality and religiosity.
  • Development of life skills in drug addicts.
  • Marriage readiness and subsequent marital quality.
  • Married couples’ attitudes about mental health.
  • Attitudes regarding cancer cure in patients diagnosed with stage I or stage II cancer.
  • Factors influencing women’s alcohol usage.
  • Suicides in the rural community: causes and consequences
  • Stereotypes of gender and their effect on marriage relationships.
  • Effective therapeutic treatments in asthma.
  • Mental illness’s impact on close family members.
  • Interventions in depression through family therapy.
  • Agricultural community stress management.
  • Interventional behavioural therapy in hypertension.
  • Personality and adjustment characteristics of individuals with diabetes mellitus/heart disease, or any other chronic illness.
  • Systemic family therapy’s efficacy in fostering well-being.
  • Resolving intergenerational conflicts through family therapy.
  • The role of the primary caregiver in assisting young children in overcoming social anxieties.
  • Psychological healing in severely depressed persons.
  • Attitudes about assistance seeking among teenagers in their early twenties.
  • Perceptions of children of alcoholic parents about child raising methods (s).
  • Yoga therapy and cognitive behaviour treatment in individuals with obsessive compulsive disorder: A randomised controlled trial.
  • Personality characteristics of youngsters who have emotional difficulties.
  • Adjustment and academic performance in children with disabilities of learning.
  • Cognitive behaviour family therapy as a treatment option for social anxiety.
  • Yoga and the purpose of life.
  • Development of a scale of social anxiety.
  • The effect of solution-focused treatment on family conflict resolution.
  • Middle childhood attachments, attachment patterns, and academic performance.
  • The psychological impact of being aware of one’s adoption status on the kid.
  • College students’ attitudes on same-sex partnerships.
  • Perceptions of social acceptance among cohabiting unmarried couples.
  • Cognitive behavioural therapy for the treatment of obsessive-compulsive disorder.
  • Family members of mentally ill women’s acceptance.
  • Sexual behaviour among unmarried middle-aged adults.
  • Personality characteristics and coping strategies of alcoholic men and their wives.
  • Profiles of criminals/rapists’ personalities.
  • Alcoholics’ adjustment difficulties.
  • Attributions to relationships and marital quality in married couples with schizophrenic spouses.
  • The effectiveness of sexual therapy in the treatment of male sexual dysfunction.
  • Psychiatric issues in the elderly and the function of family therapy.
  • Behavioral intervention to prevent juvenile drug addiction.
  • Children of a drug dependent/neurotic parent’s perceived parental acceptability, self-esteem, and social identity (s).
  • The effect of the media on marital life and aspirations.
  • Hypertensive patients’ use of relaxation techniques.
  • Yoga therapy is used to alleviate anxiety.
  • Using counselling to assist orphans (or people who have lost interest in life, etc.).
  • The efficacy of emotion-focused couples therapy in resolving marital conflicts.
  • Counseling and cessation of tobacco use.
  • The relationship between creativity and psychopathology.
  • A study of family members’ views and understanding of schizophrenia.
  • The efficacy of family therapy in treating schizophrenia.
  • Family functioning, family history, and mental illness prevalence.
  • Acceptance and adjustment of individuals who are mentally ill-cured.
  • Issues with one’s body image, personality, and psychosomatic health.
  • Adolescents’ punitive response.
  • The influence of sattva, rajas, and tamas on college students’ life objectives.
  • Personality profile of an alcoholic/substance abuser/nicotine addict teenager.
  • Prevalence and pattern of psychological distress in school-aged children aged 8-12 years.
  • Retirement’s effect on family decision-making.
  • Anxiety and stress in cancer patients’ family members.
  • The effect of kid cartoons and Chitrakatha/Panchatantra on the social cognition of children.
  • Marital difficulties experienced by parents of disabled children (or children diagnosed with a particular mental health issue).
  • Attitudes about child raising among street dwellers.
  • The efficacy of relaxation techniques
  • Mother-child relationships in alcoholic/delinquent/destitute/prostitute households.
  • A case study of the mother-child connection in homosexual partnerships.
  • Relationships between persons of the third sex.
  • A study of families having a member who has a certain mental health illness, impairment, or issue
  • Poverty and marital incompatibilities.
  • Poverty and handicap.

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