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Learn to Score Good Marks in IGNOU MBA Project

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Learn to Score Good Marks & download links for the pdf of the IGNOU MBA Project Report & IGNOU MBA Synopsis Proposal for the course MS 100.

IGNOU’s Distant Learning Masters in Business Administration programme is one of the most popular distance learning programmes in India. It is also rated well among colleges that provide Master of Business Administration programmes through distant learning. In the final year, there is project work; each student is required to do a project on any subject of his or her choice depending on their expertise. The project subject should be acceptable in order to justify IGNOU MBA PROJECT REPORT AND SYNOPSIS. To get an MBA from IGNOU, you must first finish and submit the IGNOU MBA Project. Because practically all IGNOU MBA students are working professionals, they lack time and occasionally direction in finishing these dissertations, synopses, and tasks for IGNOU MBA Project, here are some tips to make IGNOU MMPP 1 Project.

The curriculum is as follows:

Composition of IGNOU MBA Project

Objective: The project’s goal is to assist the student in developing the capacity to utilize multidisciplinary ideas, tools, and approaches to address organisational challenges.

IGNOU MBA Project Description: The project may be of any of the following categories, particularly in your area of expertise:

  • Comprehensive case study (issue creation, analysis, and suggestions for a single organization/multifunctional area).
  • Inter-organizational research focuses at inter-organizational theory comparison/validation/survey of management practices.
  • Field study (empirical study).

Making of IGNOU MBA Synopsis

Formulation of IGNOU MBA Synopsis: In conjunction with the supervisor, IGNOU MBA Synopsis should be developed and forwarded to THE CO-ORDINATOR (PROJECTS), School of Management Studies, IGNOU, Maidan Garhi, New Delhi110068. The aims and research technique of the proposed project should be clearly stated in the summary. It should include detailed details on the rationale, sample, instruments to be utilised, limits, if any, and future research plans, among other things.

Students are urged to choose supervisors who are active professionals in the appropriate field of the specified subject, for example, if the topic is finance, the supervisor should be a finance expert, and so on. It is also recommended that project managers exclusively guide initiatives in their area of expertise.

Submission and Approval of Project Proposals: After selecting a supervisor and deciding on a subject, students should submit the Project Proposal Proforma, together with one copy of the synopsis and the supervisor’s bio-data, to The Coordinator (Projects), School of Management Studies, IGNOU, Maidan Garhi, New Delhi-110068 for approval. Proposals that are deficient in any manner will be rejected right away. Students should keep a copy of the summary. Proposals that do not include a full and signed Bio-Data of the supervisor will be rejected. Throughout the year, project proposals may be submitted.

Communication of Approval: Within eight weeks of the proposal’s reception at the School, a formal notice about project approval/non-approval will be given to the student.

In the event that the proposal is not approved, the comments/suggestions for reformulating the project will be given to the student. In this case, the revised project synopsis should be submitted along with the revised project proposal proforma, as well as a copy of the rejected synopsis and project proposal proforma with the evaluator’s comments and the P.P. No. (Project Proposal Number) assigned by the School of Management Studies.

Making of IGNOU MBA Project Report

The report’s length might range between 50 and 60 double-spaced written pages, with a maximum word count of 15-18,000 words (excluding appendices and exhibits). However, a 10% fluctuation on each side is permitted.

Each project report must thoroughly describe the research methods used as well as future research plans.

A copy of the Project Proposal Proforma and Synopsis, as well as the Certificate of Originality signed by the student and the supervisor, should be included in the project report.

IGNOU MMPP 1 Project Report Submission: The project report must be submitted in one typed copy to the Registrar (SED), IGNOU, Maidan Garhi, New Delhi-110068. When you submit the Project Report, you will be assigned a P.R. No., which will be transmitted to the student. When communicating with the SR & E Division about the Project Report, the student should use this P.R. No.

If the assessor approves it, a student may be requested to present for a Viva-Voce. In such situation, the student will be properly informed.

Some important notes while preparing the IGNOU MMPP 1 Project Report

When submitting the proposal, make sure you include the following:

  • Project Proposal Approval Proforma, fully filled out and signed by both the student and the supervisor
  • The supervisor’s detailed bio-data, signed by him/her. (The guide’s bio-data should contain his/her complete office location and phone number.)
  • Project Description

The Project Work shall be presented in original in A-4 size (29 x 20 cm), typed in double space, in a bound book to the University’s Registrar (SED) via Registered insured post.

Before binding the Project report, the student should check that it includes the following:

  • Approved IGNOU MMPP 1 Project Proposal Proforma (original)
  • Original Approved Synopsis, and
  • An originality certificate duly signed by the Student and Supervisor (Proforma enclosed)

If any Project Report is received in the absence of the above, the same will be returned to the students for compliance.

Students should keep a copy of the project report on hand at all times. The student will not get a copy of the project report.

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You can also download the sample project for MS 100 by clicking on the link below

Sample Project Download


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