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How to prepare IGNOU MBA Finance Project?

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IGNOU is popular among all over the nation for providing working professionals and those who study from a distance with an education of a high standard by using its one-of-a-kind curriculum framework. The students have to submit IGNOU MBA Finance Project in order to complete the MBA course. IGNOU MBA Finance Project carries 8 credits alone. The price will be the same as two classes. But when it comes to registering, IGNOU MBA Finance Project Course is counted as one course. The goal of the MBA for Working Professionals in Finance Syllabus offered by IGNOU is to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of each academic topic as well as the skills necessary to excel in that area. The course outline is updated at the beginning of each new semester, and full course outlines may be found in the portion of the prospectus devoted to the syllabus. For the purpose of ensuring that students learn knowledge and abilities that are relevant in the workplace, the curriculum for this class was designed in collaboration with professionals from the relevant field. The Working Capital Management, Capital Investment and Financing Decisions, Management Control Systems, and Financial Services Management are just few of the subjects that are covered in the Accounting and Finance for Managers course offered by IGNOU. The first and the most important step to start making IGNOU MBA Finance Project is to select a good topic. Research is essential to making an informed decision while choosing an IGNOU MBA Finance Project. If you want to come up with fantastic ideas, make sure you give yourself enough of time to do research either on the internet or at a library. You may even talk to the people who are more experienced than you to get useful suggestions. During the course of your study, you can run across older works that were submitted for IGNOU MBA Project Reports.

Select several themes from the many resources available, such as the internet or books, to talk about. Talk about these concerns with qualified individuals, such as your instructors and your superiors. They will provide you useful recommendations and advice on the themes that you choose to discuss. Keep in mind that your lecturers are your leaders and mentors, and that they will surely help you pick and finish an IGNOU MBA Finance Project if you ask for their assistance.

Select a topic that is relevant to the industry in which you intend to work and the career path you hope to follow. The discussion might also be related to recent events or actual situations that have occurred in the globe. Examiners tend to gravitate toward issues such as these.

Check that the subject you’ve decided to write about is something that interests you. Even while your instructors and mentors are good resources for guidance, ultimately, you are the best person to determine whether or not you will be able to successfully finish the assignment they assign. As a consequence of this, you need to ensure that the topic interests you.

Essentials of IGNOU MBA Finance Project Synopsis:

  • The IGNOU MBA Finance Synopsis must include an introduction, a short history of the topic, and why it was chosen for the project.
  • A short introduction and the most important facts about the organization(s) being studied.
  • Explain what the problem is.
  • What the project’s goals are (clearly stated in behavioural terms).
  • Research Methodology (Plan for Research, What kind of information is to be gathered and where it will come from, Sample and sampling technique. The organisation that was chosen and the sample, Tools and methods to be used to collect data, including information about the tools and questionnaires to be used and how they relate to the project’s goals. Method(s) to be used to gather data, Handling and analysing data: putting data in order and figuring out what it means. Tools for analysis that use statistics, How well the statistical tools fit with the project’s goals)
  • If the project has any limits, list them here.
  • Where further research should go in the future
  • Any other important information that will help people understand and appreciate the project proposal better.

Important notes while preparing the IGNOU MBA Finance Project Report/Proposal

  • You should only send one copy of the IGNOU MBA Finance Synopsis and keep the other one.
  • The envelope should be marked clearly with “MS-100” and sent to the Coordinator (Projects), School of Management Studies, IGNOU, Maidan Garhi, New Delhi-110 068.
  • Make sure that the following are included in the IGNOU MBA Finance Project Proposal:
  • Form for Approval of Project Proposal, filled out, signed, and dated by both the student and the teacher.
  • Detailed information about the Guide, signed by him/her.
  • The original copy of the IGNOU MBA Finance Report should be sent to the Registrar (SED) of the University by Registered/Speed Post or by hand. It should be A-4 size (29 x 20 cm) and typed with two spaces between each line.
  • Before putting the IGNOU MBA Finance Report together, the student should make sure it has the approved Project Proposal Proforma, the approved proposal, the guide’s bio, and an originality certificate signed by both the student and the guide (Proforma enclosed).
  • If a Project Report is turned in without the things listed above, it will be sent back to the students to be fixed.
  • Please write “PROJECT REPORT-MP” on the top of the envelope. This will make it easier for the SE Division to sort the Project Reports that come in for different programmes.
  • The Project Report should be kept with the student. The student will not get their Project Report back after it has been graded.

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You can also click on the link below to get the sample project for the IGNOU MBA Finance Project Synopsis Report.

Sample Project Download

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