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How to do an IGNOU DAQ Project (BAQP-1)?

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How to do an IGNOU DAQ Project (BAQP-1)?

IGNOU DAQ Project (BAQP-1 will assist you in becoming familiar with the many procedures necessary to complete an Aquaculture project. IGNOU DAQ Project Work will assist you in developing your abilities to select a topic, write an IGNOU DAQ Synopsis, devise data gathering techniques, collect data, and prepare material for a report on a certain subject. Diverse approaches are employed across a variety of tasks. However, when working on an IGNOU BAQP-1 project, it is recommended that you use a case study or survey technique.

Steps of IGNOU DAQ Project Work (BAQP-1)

IGNOU DAQ Project is a comprehensive analysis of your work organisation. IGNOU DAQ Project Work aims to develop your ability to analyse situations, and you will be required to put what you have learnt in various DAQ courses into practise through the project. It is a technique for applying the knowledge gained in various courses to the issues and concerns presented by everyday events in the field of Aquaculture.

IGNOU DAQ Project Work is worth six credits and will take around 180 hours to complete. Your Project Work may range in length from 10,000 to 12000 words (60-70 pages). Bear this in mind as you choose a theme for your project.

The goal is to be able to communicate all of your thoughts within this word limit. Your Project may be written in either English or Hindi. We would prefer that you type and bind your Project Work.

The project will be carried out in steps, as illustrated below. You must do research on the topic that has been approved and finalised for BAQP-1.

Step 1: Formulation of the IGNOU DAQ Synopsis

Your IGNOU DAQ proposal is basically a summary of the work you propose to accomplish and the methodology you intend to use. The first step in producing an IGNOU DAQ Proposal is to choose a suitable subject for the project’s work. Finally, after describing the project’s primary concept, time period, and scope, you may pick a title. To the degree possible, you should keep the title brief and precise. Before selecting on a topic for your project, thoroughly consider your possibilities and confer with your Supervisor.

Step 2: IGNOU DAQ Synopsis Submission

Following your selection of the project work option, you must submit a written copy of your IGNOU DAQ Proposal together with the Project Proposal form. You should verify that your Academic Counselor or the Teacher/Professional/Researcher who has agreed to serve as your Supervisor has signed the P.P form for your IGNOU BAQP-1 Synopsis.

The Programme Coordinator will approve the IGNOU DAQ proposal. You may begin working on the project after the project proposal has been accepted. If it is advised that you change the BAQP-1 proposal, you should include the faculty members’ suggestions and critiques into your amended proposal.

Step 3: Writing an IGNOU DAQ Project Report

The two most crucial components of any project are originality and clarity. Keep in mind that your project will evaluate your analytical and communication skills. This style of writing is not just useful for recalling memories or telling stories; it is also useful for organising your thoughts.

While writing your IGNOU DAQ Project report, keep the following points in mind:

• The scope of the Project Work is dictated by the subject matter of the project. However, it is desirable to keep the Project Work to a standard word count of 10000–12000 words (60–70 pages). Your Project Work may be written in either Hindi or English.

• Divide your report into around four or five chapters. Each chapter is broken down into Sections and Subsections. This provides a unique foundation for your project and prevents different ideas from pouring into separate regions.

• An introduction is crucial because it provides the project’s exact entry point. Following that, the Aims and Objectives should be concisely specified.

• To a certain extent, the strength of your approach dictates the quality of your project. As a result, the procedure should be explicitly defined. To be specific, methodology refers to I the theoretical perspectives and logic of inquiry that guided the study, (ii) the data collection procedures, and (iii) the data analysis tools or processes.

• A synopsis of similar or important research projects/studies done by other scholars.

• At the conclusion of each section, your thoughts should be logically connected and concluded. The interconnections between distinct sections should be maintained.

• At the conclusion of each chapter, there should be a paragraph headed ‘Summing Up.’

• Organize your findings according to objective; • Write the project in your own language, using simple terminology and short sentences whenever possible. It is advisable to begin by writing the original drafting and then revising it for language and substance.

• Where required, cite and properly reference photos, maps, schematics, and illustrations.

Step 4: IGNOU DAQ Project Report Submission

Prepare two copies of your IGNOU DAQ Report and submit one with a cover letter to the following address for review:

Assistant Registrar (Project Section),

Student Evaluation Division,

Project Section,

Indira Gandhi National Open University,

Maidan Garhi, New Delhi 110068

Keep a copy of your Project Work on you at all times, since IGNOU will not return it to you. Ascertain that your IGNOU DAQ Report has the declarations provided in Annexures ‘B’ and ‘C’, which have been signed by both you and your Supervisor.

Please keep in mind that the IGNOU DAQ Report is a component of your Term-End Examination (TEE), and 100 points will be given to the Project Work in the following manner for evaluation purposes.

To download the IGNOU BAQP-1 Project & IGNOU BAQP-1 Synopsis Sample PDFs, you must click on the following link;

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