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Areas of Research for IGNOU MPCE 16 Project

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Areas of Research for IGNOU MPCE 16 Project Report & IGNOU MPCE 16 Synopsis Proposal for the Course MAPC, i.e., IGNOU MA Clinical Psychology

IGNOU MA Psychology project work is entirely independent study or inquiry. The goal of the IGNOU MPCE 16 Project in Clinical Psychology is to allow the student to investigate a specific circumstance and come up with a summary. The information and insight gained from various MA Psychology trainings are put into practice via IGNOU MPCE 16 Project work. As a result, the project’s goal is to provide students the opportunity to use information they may have gained throughout their studies while also developing abilities in the different ways of this program. The IGNOU MPCE 16 Project is very popular among the students as they learn how to conduct research projects and studies as well as how to create research statements.

In the last year of the IGNOU MA Psychology course, there is Project Work, a 6-credit course, i.e., MPCE 16/26/36. Each student is required to produce a project on any subject of her/his choice depending on her/his specialist group, such as Clinical Psychology, Counselling Psychology, or Industrial Psychology. We provide IGNOU MPCE 16 PROJECT in clinical psychology and other services as well.

Within this framework, the Synopsis and Project Work of IGNOU MPCE 16 REPORT includes the precise goals listed below to help a learner:

  • Identify and develop research questions
  • Write an excellent research paper for IGNOU MAPC REPORT and IGNOU MAPC SYNOPSIS.
  • Choose and implement an acceptable research design.
  • Conduct scientific research in a methodical manner.
  • Data collection and analysis for the IGNOU MAPC PROJECT

3 broad areas of research topics for the IGNOU MPCE 16 Project:

1. Changing the food environment subtly to encourage better eating. In today’s Western world, there is an availability of unhealthy food, which contributes to bad eating habits and growing obesity rates. Based on nudging principles, emerging data shows that making minor modifications to the food environment might counteract unhealthy eating and weight gain. The ultimate goal of this study is to discover the best method to offer food to encourage better eating.

The results have the potential to radically alter how food is presented to customers in daily situations, from how vending machines are filled to how service stations set up their food displays and fast-food restaurants, cafés, and online meal delivery services design their menus.

2. Framework for nudging digital interventions. Digital nudging may be utilised as a tool for health behaviour modification when consumers seek and engage with services in a digitally mediated atmosphere. Digital nudging is a behavioural economics method that refers to guiding people’s behaviours towards a good end by making the desirable choice the prominent, simple, or default option, rather than instructing them directly what to do. The goal of this study is to provide an ethically acceptable, technology-mediated nudging framework and tools for use in health behaviour modification applications. The study will include the following components: (1) mapping the many accessible digital nudging mechanisms; (2) developing portable, plugin/integration, adjustable nudging ways to tap into these; and (3) evaluating them in interventional scenarios.

The outcomes will result in unique nudging tools for influencing population health behaviours in a variety of areas such as lifestyle modification, optimising health care engagement, preventative health checkups, and vaccines.

3. Health in online interactions. The goal of IGNOU MPCE 16 project is to develop unique ways for examining people’s digital interactions for health purposes and to transform them into tools with therapeutic applications. For example, decision support apps used by health professionals in clinical settings to diagnose and treat persons with difficulties, or self-help programmes that may assist individuals in better integrating technology in daily life for mental health and wellness. The study will be divided into three parts: (1) mapping common, present digital interactions and their relationship to health; (2) establishing data extraction and interpretation techniques and tools; and (3) assessing the use of these approaches with patients and professionals in mental health settings. The findings will lead to revolutionary digital health check techniques with extensive usability and application in health care and medical research.

Topics for the IGNOU MPCE 16 Project

Project work is essential for gaining a thorough understanding of this undergrad subject. Some of the important subject titles are listed below:

  • To investigate the relationship between mental health, emotional intelligence, and academic achievement in secondary school students.
  • To investigate the psycho-social problems of adolescent girls in relation to their family life, educational life, and emotional behaviour.
  • The Effect of Anxiety on Secondary School Students’ Academic Performance During Exams
  • A Study on the Effects of Exam Anxiety on Secondary School Students’ Academic Performance
  • Academic Achievement and Personality Characteristics of Working and Non-Working Mothers’ Children
  • To investigate organisational role stress, ego strength, and burnout among secondary school teachers.
  • A Comparative Study of Different Dimensions of Girls Empowerment in Government and Private Higher Secondary Schools
  • Exam Stress and Intelligence, Personality, and Achievement Motivation in High School Students
  • A Study of Self-Esteem in Children of Single Parents and Children of Two Parents
  • The Effectiveness of Aggression During Violent Video Game Playing Among Secondary School Students
  • An Analytical Study Of Academically Gifted Students’ Creative Potential And Personality Structure

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You can also download the sample project for MAPC (MPCE 16) by clicking on the link below

Sample Project Download

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