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30 Topics Ideas for IGNOU Project Work in CSR (PGDCSR)

30 Topics Ideas for IGNOU Project Work in CSR

Project work in CSR will help you improve your skills in identifying a topic, writing an IGNOU PGDCSR synopsis, developing data collection methods, gathering data, and synthesising information for a report on a certain issue.

Various approaches are used for various tasks. In MEDSP-051, however, you are suggested to employ the case study approach or the survey method. You can, however, employ alternative approaches if you are more comfortable with them.

Scientific social research methodologies may be roughly categorised into three categories:

• Quantitative techniques – the use of survey data (Interviews & Questionnaires)

• Qualitative research methodologies (case study, focus group discussion, observation study)

• Mixed techniques – a combination of the aforementioned

30 Topics Ideas for IGNOU Project Work in CSR

We have provided 30 topics below to help you pick a topic for your IGNOU PGDCSR Project Work: MEDSP-051. This does not indicate that you will just pick from these options. These are merely some categories that are designed to inspire you and aid you in choosing a topic of interest in that area.

1. A CSR case study in NESTLE (or any organisation or corporate company of your choice)

2. Evaluation of corporate social responsibility: Sonalika Motors as a case study (or any organisation or corporate company of your choice)

3. Critical success elements for corporate social responsibility: A view from the public sector

4. The social, economic, and political ramifications of CSR initiatives

5. CSR for social effect: A method for measuring social impact through the use of a CSR impact index

6. Stakeholder perceptions on Delhi Metro’s CSR initiatives (or any organisation or corporate company of your choice)

7. The impact of CSR on community livelihood security

8. Assessment of NTPC’s CSR initiatives (or any organisation or corporate company of your choice)

9. Beneficiary satisfaction with CSR services (housing or sanitation or education services etc. of your choice)

10. Needs evaluation for CSR (on any development issue) Swot study of NTPC’s CSR initiatives (or any organisation or corporate company of your choice)

12. A Critical Examination of CSR Policy

13. Factors inside an organisation that influence corporate social and ethical reporting

14. Perceptions of corporate social responsibility and accountability among users

15. A descriptive examination of corporate social responsibility reporting in India.

16. The Evolution of Corporate Social Responsibility in India

17. Corporate executives’ perspectives on the existing state and future possibilities of social reporting

18. A content study of publicly traded firms’ CSR reports

19. A critical evaluation of CSR reporting research in Indian academics

20. Corporate Social Responsibility in Indian Firms: An Empirical Study

21. An examination of the motivations for CSR reporting

22. Factors Influencing Corporate Social Disclosure in India

23. An investigation of corporate social responsibility in India

24. The influence of CSR on the Indian education system (or any other sector of your choice)

25. CSR and the Education Sector: Problems and Solutions (or any other sector of your choice)

26. CSR Implementation Challenges

27. A study of CSR with a focus on selected Karnataka banks (or any other sector or state of your choice)

28. A Critical Analysis of Different Corporate Companies’ Approaches to CSR Implementation

29. A study of the top ten corporate spenders in India on CSR activities

30. An examination of CSR activities in Indian business

Some Important Points to Consider When Writing the IGNOU Project Work in CSR

1) English is the language to be used for IGNOU PGDCSR Project work.

2) The hardbound / spiral bound project report should be submitted in original in A-4 size (29 x 20 cm), written in 1.5 line space, by Registered / Speed post to:

Assistant Registrar (Project Section)

Students Evaluation Division

IGNOU Maidan Garhi

New Delhi-110 068.

3) Write “IGNOU Project Work in CSR” on the top of the envelope. This will make it easier to sift through Project Reports received in the Project Section for various Programs.

4) The university may give an online uploading link for the submission of a soft copy of the IGNOU PGDCSR project report in PDF format. Please go to the IGNOU website to get the link. If you upload a softcopy, you do not need to provide a photocopy.

5) Students should maintain a copy of the Project Report on hand at all times. The Project Report that has been assessed will not be returned to the student.

Format of IGNOU PGDCSR project report

The report should be organised as follows.

Title: The report’s cover page should include the project course code: MEDSP-051, the title of the project, the student’s name, enrolment number, address, school name, and year.

Project Proposal Has Been Approved Proforma

Certificate of Originality: signed by both the student and the supervisor (as the third page)

Acknowledgments, if any:

Section I: Table of Contents

Introduction: The problem will be introduced in this part. It should be able to convey to the reader what the issue is all about, how it came to be, and what motivated the researcher to pursue the topic. The aims and justification for the research must be included in the introduction.

Review of Related Literature: A review of literature is a collection of previous scholars’ work that has been published in the form of books, journals, and articles. It aids in the generation of ideas and the development of relevant research questions.

Methodology involves sample, tests/tools, and statistical analysis. The size and composition of the sample will be determined by the topic chosen. The tests/tools should be chosen depending on the study objectives. The data gathered using the tests/tools is then examined using relevant statistical techniques.

Result and Discussion: The study findings are presented in tabular and graphical form following statistical data analysis. These are then explored in light of previous research investigations. The findings’ implications are also examined.

Conclusion: Under this category, the student must summarise the study findings.

Limitations: The research’s constraints and limitations are discussed below.

Suggestions for Additional Work: If necessary, the learner might provide recommendations for more research in the specific area based on the research findings.

References (APA format): References must be written in the APA format. These should be listed alphabetically.

Download Links for IGNOU PGDCSR Project Synopsis Sample Pdf and IGNOU PGDCSR Project Report Sample Pdf

To download the IGNOU PGDCSR Project & IGNOU PGDCSR Synopsis Sample PDFs, you must click on the following link;

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