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3 Crucial tips for Better Grades in IGNOU MTTM Project

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Considering the importance and relevance of research in tourism (planning, effects, marketing, and business operations, etc.), IGNOU offers this course named IGNOU MTTM Project as a dissertation component of the curriculum for students. IGNOU MTTM Project is designed to provide information and skills for managerial/semi-managerial professions or entrepreneurs in the tourist industry. It is envisaged that students would obtain an understanding of the tourism system as a result of their exposure to tourism research and dissertation work. Additionally, it would give the learners with essential experience and exposure to field scenarios in this industry. As a result, IGNOU MTTM Project concentrates on practical or field-oriented issues, and by investigating them, you will develop your abilities in those areas.

You can discuss your proposal/synopsis with your friends and co-workers, your therapist, and any professionals in that sector you are aware of. If you wish to work on any organisation, it is recommended that you acquire consent from the organisation at this point. It is essential that you be acquainted with the geographical location on which you plan to build your thesis. You should also be able to access it. In general, it is best to choose a setting that is nearby or within driving distance. Being near to one’s sources is beneficial. Never choose a subject for a region that you will be unable to visit or experience. For example, if you want to work on a subject linked to Kashmir, you have picked the topic because you have been or are planning to visit Kashmir. Otherwise, the Dissertation would be centred on bookish information, defeating the aim of producing a Dissertation based on experience and practical features.

Some Important considerations for IGNOU MTTM Project

In the introduction of IGNOU MTTM project, you must write about the topic’s background knowledge and why you chose it, so that your supervisor and readers have a better understanding. Mention the points linked with the issue, and the material should give a broader perspective while remaining appropriate to the scope of your topic.

Word count is the thing that you must keep in mind while writing the beginning section of your IGNOU MTTM Project since IGNOU standards require you to write just 10,000 to 15,000 words throughout the whole dissertation, which includes the Introduction, review of literature, research technique, data analysis, and so on.

Review of Literature: This is the second chapter following the introduction and comprises published and unpublished material on the issue.

Objective: The goal is to highlight and investigate the relative strengths and weaknesses of the selected study topic while also identifying any research gaps. This subject’s breakdown and key words may have a good impact on your dissertation and your mentor.

Methodology: This is the most significant section of the IGNOU MTTM project, where you must describe the data collecting and analysis methodologies and strategies used. This usually covers things like study design, sample size, data gathering technique, and so forth.

Results and Evaluation: The study’s results are discussed in depth in the Findings and Analysis chapter. This chapter summarises all important findings/results without translating the material or making any conclusions. Charts, graphs, and tables may be useful in identifying relevant patterns and connections in the chapter.

Conclusion: The primary goal of this part is to establish a link between the result and evidence from the literature.

References: All references, from websites to books, must be written in accordance with the criteria.

Things to remember before submitting an IGNOU MTTM Project

  • Keep a copy of the proposal with you, since IGNOU will not send your copy back.
  • Ensure that the Dissertation Proposal Proforma included in Annexure A of the MTTM 16 Booklet is completely filled out, including your supervisor’s signature. This Proforma must always be the opening or cover page of your IGNOU MTTM Synopsis.
  • Provide your entire postal address as well as the region pin code. IGNOU will mail the Letter of Acknowledgement and Proposal Submission Comment by Speed Post.
  • Letters are often returned to IGNOU due to incorrect addresses provided by learners/students.
  • Send your proposal through Registered Post solely to ensure that it reaches the university.

IGNOU MTTM Synopsis Proposal Resubmission (if not approved)

In the event that the proposal is not approved, the comments/suggestions for re-formulating the IGNOU MTTM Synopsis will be given to the student. In such cases, the updated proposal/synopsis should be submitted again in correct format, together with a copy of the Letter of Proposal Rejection, including the remarks of the Programme Coordinator, MTTM-16 (New Delhi).

Checklist before Submitting an IGNOU MTTM Dissertation Report

Check that your IGNOU MTTM Dissertation Report includes:

  • The title from your accepted Proposal/Synopsis.
  • Annexure C contains a declaration signed by you and your supervisor.
  • The Programme Coordinator’s Letter of Approval of the Dissertation Proposal/Synopsis
  • Remember that your dissertation should be unique and written in your own language.
  • You must not replicate or reproduce any other published or unpublished projects or dissertations, otherwise your application will be rejected.
  • Your evidence should back up your arguments.
  • If required, information should be thoroughly recorded; provide images, etc.
  • Your research approach should be outlined at the beginning of your study.
  • At the conclusion, provide a bibliography. All of your sources, such as records, documents, reports, questionnaire format, interviews, group meetings, newspapers, magazines, and so on, should be noted separately.

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You can also download the sample project for IGNOU MTTM-16 Dissertation work by clicking on the link below

Sample Project Download

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